Whether your looking to maintain and repair toys from your childhood, adding a missing piece to your collection, or buying someone special a vintage toy as a gift. You’ll find information here to make you a little smarter on what to look for when hitting the auctions and what may be involved to get your collectible in it’s best display and working condition.

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Cylon Raider Battlestar Galactica – Mattel 1978 – Restoration & Repair

It’s hard to believe that the TV series “Battlestar Galactica” ran for 7 months, a total of 24 episodes. Given the short amount of air time, the toys that were produced are few.  The “Cylon Raider” being repaired and restored in the video is the first of two versions made by Mattel.  This first model …

Boglins Dwork – Mattel 1987

Other than just a cool hand puppet with a ton of personality, the background story on Boglins is pretty neat too. Developed independently and promoted to the toy industry for production, the Boglins changed hands (and development).  Picked up originally to be a part of the Coleco “Sectaurs” line, which went inactive.  The ‘Boglins’ rights …

ALIEN – Kenner 1979

Travel back to 1979, and if you had not seen the movie “Alien”, then the 18″ action figure by Kenner was simply a very cool scary looking action figure. But, as people began to watch the movie in theaters, the rationale in making the Alien monster into a kids toy turned to protests. An “R” …


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