GI Joe Adventure Team Escape Car Repair

A great example of the proverbial  “weak link in the chain”.  The design of this Escape Car Action Back Pack is that it all folds down and attaches to a back pack frame wearable by the action figures.  The folded vehicle attaches to the back pack frame by two plastic prongs molded into the underside of the vehicle.  Here, one of those prongs is broke and missing negating one of the main concepts of it’s design.

I needed to go in and re-create a prong matching the size and placement based off the one still intact, and get it to have a sturdy adhesion so it would be once again functional.  The age of the toy and type of plastic used make it fragile from heavy bumps and blows.

Stories and equipment from the GI Joe Adventure Team toy line created a feel of James Bond meets Indiana Jones, and the toys were ‘open ended’ in play use.

What am I talking about when I say ‘open ended’? The toy line wasn’t a one track adventure, one context.  It could be played as in the dessert, jungle, mountain top, maybe even another planet.  Create your own story line.

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