GI Joe Adventure Team Talking Commander Repair

Started off to clean up and make the speech of the figure a lit bit clearer (they always sounded a little garbled even when new), ended up turning into a shoulder repair as well.   Waded into some unknown waters on this one but I believe the outcome was still “Mission accomplished..”.

2 Replies to “GI Joe Adventure Team Talking Commander Repair”

  1. Mark Chapman says:

    I was wondering if you still do talking joe repairs. If you do what do you charge for that. I recently purchased a Canadian talking A/T guy and would love to get him fixed. You can hear some slight discussion coming from him.
    Sincerely Mark.

    1. Toy Tinker Tim says:

      Hi Mark,
      -Does it look like all the parts are there in the speaker area? Could be the diaphragm speaker area is cracked. I don’t have a service for repairs, so I would have no way to charge for this. If you wanted me to take a look at it, I would have you send it to me with return postage paid and I could see what may be done. If it’s something I can fix, in return for repair I would just use the repair process as a future episode.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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