Touch-up Paint Scuffs / GI Joe Adventure Team ‘Sea Adventurer’

Paint scuffs to the heads of action figures are very common, and a easy fix.  The video walks you through the steps, which can be broken down to 3 key moves:

  1. Clean the surface.  Use a soft bristle toothbrush and I recommend Dawn brand dish soap.   Just a drop or two on the brush will do wonders.
  2. Pick out your acrylic paints and brush size for the job.  The important part of painting is never use a color straight from the tube, always mix it.  If you use a color straight it will look flat and lifeless, it tends to stand out.
  3. When finished with the paint touch-up, finish it off with an acrylic sealer.  Depending on the plastic surface you’ll either want to use a gloss or satin (dull) finish.  The sealer will protect the acrylic from further wear and scratches.

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