Repair & Restore of Atomic Man Mike Power – GI Joe Hasbro, 1975

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Supplies used in the repair and restoration video:

The big boom of the TV series "The Six Million Dollar Man" was incredibly popular with kids. Hasbro tried to jump ahead of any toys being released for the hit TV series by releasing their "Atomic Man Mike Power" action figure, as a new member to the GI Joe Adventure Team line.

The very eye catching elements that made this figure stand out as a contender competing in the 'bionic market' of toys have become issues in need of repair and maintenance.

The figure in the video has a forearm where the gear mechanism has come apart, and a step by step approach of how to gain access is covered. Also, his clear plastic parts have become quite grungy and discolored,  I've taken an approach of using a 50/50 mix of  Distilled White Vinegar and water, and letting the clear plastic sections soak for 1 hour in this mix.  Repairing the eye, cleaning and polishing the clear plastics, replacing hands,  and care for the vintage clothes are all covered in the episode.

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