Boglins Dwork – Mattel 1987

Other than just a cool hand puppet with a ton of personality, the background story on Boglins is pretty neat too.
Developed independently and promoted to the toy industry for production, the Boglins changed hands (and development).  Picked up originally to be a part of the Coleco “Sectaurs” line, which went inactive.  The ‘Boglins’ rights were retrieved, and ended up with Mattel in the form of 3 large hand puppets, and various smaller finger-puppets  in 1987.
They were very popular selling extremely well, but US production ended after only 2 years.  Overseas, Boglins continued until 1994.
The larger Boglin hand puppets are highly collectible, especially with their original packaging (cardboard crate like box with plastic bar cage front).

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