Repairing GI Joe 3 3/4″ Figure

There's a lot packed into this video episode.  Here are the 4 main key points:

  • Waist Repair- figure had front lower pelvis area broken off
  • Hip Pin Connector- a small metal pin that connects the legs had metal fatigue and cracked in half.
  • Worn "O" Ring Replaced- sizing out what dimension of a "O" ring to use and how to re-connect the figure.
  • Broken & Missing Thumb- the plastic in the figure has become brittle with age, and has shrinkage.  End result was thumb snapped off and had to be reconstructed.

One key bit of advice to collectors: If your figure has been in storage or on display for years with their weapon in hand, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE IT.  The plastic is brittle, and there is a small amount of shrinkage which could result in the thumb or fingers breaking off when you attempt to remove the weapon from their hand.